Rebuttal of Expert Witness

How to Challenge a Valuation Expert

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Litigation Consulting -2020


What is Forensic Accounting

The term forensic accounting means that we are working on files for use in court, hearings, mediation, settlement conferences, and in collaborative settings for dispute resolution purposes.

What We Do

As your forensic accountant, we examine the financial books and records given rise to the dispute. We examine those records and produce an opinion on them which is used by yourself and your legal counsel to present and explain your side of the case.

During the case, we may assist your legal counsel in filing requests-to-produce on the other side so that we have a complete set of records. Your attorney may issues subpoenas based on our suggestions and requests.

We testify at trial, hearings, and at mediation to explain our report and our opinion.

What You Do

Forensic accountants rely on the books and records you give to us so that we have an understanding of your claim. We ask to meet with you for at least one hour so that we understand who you are and what you are dealing with from a legal and  a personal point of view.

We get to know you.

The most helpful thing that you can do is provide us with a complete set of records that you can find. In particular, we will ask you to download Excel-ready information from your banks and credit card issuers.  We will also ask for a copy of your Quick Books or other financial record-keeping files. 

Florida - 2020

We travel to your home or office to provide forensic accounting consulting services throughout central Florida.

Pacific Northwest - 2020

We travel to your home or office to provide forensic accounting consulting services in Seattle, Washington  Portland, Oregon,  and Boise, Idaho.  

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